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“Ukraine on Fire” reveals imperialism as the source of wars

Ukraine on Fire shows the US's responsibility for the coup in this country in 2014

Google and other American media companies are in a war against freedom of the press and expression.

Information regarding the conflict against Russia in the territory of Ukraine, contrary to the interests of NATO and its supreme leader, the United States, is being hunted down and censored on social networks, especially on YouTube.

For now, the main target is the English language. After the censorship of the channels Russia Today and Sputnik, pages of other publications and independent journalists of different nationalities, including the US, are being blocked. For that, it is enough to be against NATO.

The progressive Brazilian press should keep an eye on the escalation of this movement in the face of its dependence on YouTube. It is not difficult to predict that Brazilian media in Portuguese may experience the same problem.

The north-American dictatorship is the war apparatus that the world faces today: private companies have the power to control the global debate in the name of a perverse oligarchy that rules the country (also known as MICIMATT: Military, Industrial, Counter Intelligence, Media, Academia and Think Tank), capable of imposing control and suffering on populations around the world and their own.

Ukraine on Fire: a documentary that every Brazilian should see

One of the victims of YouTube censorship is documentary Ukraine on Fire (2016), directed by Igor Lapotonok, a filmmaker and producer born in the Soviet Union in 1968 (in present-day Ukraine).

His documentary focuses on the events that led to the coup against the government of President-elect Viktor Yanukovych in 2014.

On the negative side, there are some aesthetic choices in the form of expendable special effects.

On the positive side, the ability to show how the violent clashes between police and far-right protesters on Maidan Square in central Kyiv (Ukraine) staged to overthrow the government.

The highlights are the testimonies of Yanukovych himself and Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, collected by American filmmaker Oliver Stone. They describe how US imperialism works.

The film is also a counterpoint to a Netflix documentary called Winter on Fire (2015), a pro-imperialist lie.

Funding from the media, politicians, and far-right groups infiltrating the demonstrations are the ingredients of invasion and creation of artificial social instability known as “colored revolution” or hybrid warfare.

Protected by the Western media as a popular revolution, it is a type of coup d'état scripted and staged by far-right nationalist groups with support and funding from the MICIMATT.

It is impossible not to notice the similarity between the cup suffered by Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 and the one suffered by Dilma Roussef just two years later. The Brazilian “color revolution” completes seven years in 2022 far from a solution.


Documentary Ukraine in Flames is on YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms.


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